How To Place An Order!

You have two options for Ordering Portraits through our website:  Online or by emailing your order directly to Cindie at  Please read all guidelines prior to placing your order with us.  We can not take responsibility for orders not placed correctly.

**Click here for printable guidelines to view and order your portraits online pg. 1

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**Specialty products

**Example of special effects and collages

A.   Online Shopping Cart Option using Pay Pal:  You will now have the ability to place an order and pay for your order through our website.  You will be paying for your order through PayPal.  Any orders placed through our website using the online ordering option, please note that all orders are FINAL.  No refund option is available.

      1.    Special request/design edits:  All editing requests MUST be made in writing when placing your order.  Leer Photography is not responsible for any edits not made in writing.  If you are ordering any image that  requires editing of eye glass glare, high end acne retouching, special effects, digital backgrounds, text, etc. and/or has the word "EXTRA" behind the number, you will need to contact the studio for an editing quote.  You can place your order through the website, but we will contact you, when the order is received, to receive payment for the extra editing costs prior to processing your order.

        2.  Shipping and Handling Fees:  You will be given three shipping/handling options when checking out.  All shipping/delivery options include shipping, handling, and processing expenses.  Shipping options are your choice and your responsibility.  

                       a.  Pick up at our studio:   $2.00  We will contact you when your portraits are ready for pick up.  This is the best option for large prints, specialty items, and/or canvas portraits.  Turn-around time 2-6 weeks.

b.  Standard  Domestic Shipping/Handling:  $6.00   Your images will ship 2-6 weeks after receipt of your order.

                            c.  Priority Shipping/Handling:  this includes a $12.00 insured mailer.  USPS guarantees successful delivery when you                                                choose this method.  We strongly recommend this option for all orders that have 8x10 prints and large orders.                                     Your images will ship 2-6 weeks after receipt of your order.

         3.  Session Deposit:  If you paid a deposit during your session, you will need to email your order to our studio as noted below to claim your deposit.

      4.  Special Instructions:  Please place any special instructions/editing requests in the "comment" section when checking out.  This section can also be used for collage images and all special editing requests for each image ordered.

   5.  Baby Program Participants:  If your program includes a collage at the end of the program, you will need to order that collage by emailing directly.

B.  Order by emailing Cindie directly at

When ordering your portraits:
*Please remember to include the job you are ordering from (i.e., Bermudian Springs Prom 2023; The Zepp Family Portrait session taken on April 1, 2023, etc.), the image number including the prefix (the letters that appear before the numbers), size and quantity of each image you wish to purchase; as well as, any special requests/editing you have for that image.  All editing requests MUST be placed in writing.  Leer Photography is not responsible for any editing requests not made in writing  

* The image number that needs to be submitted while ordering is the number found directly under the picture in conjunction with the prefix when viewing the images on a desktop computer or a laptop.  If you are viewing the images on a mobile device, you will need to push the "i" button for the image name to appear.  (Please do NOT send us screen shots of the images you wish to purchase, we need a file number for reference.)

* Email your order directly to

*We will contact you within 48 hours to make payment arrangements and process your order. We require a credit card on file prior to placing your order.

* If you do not get a response from us personally within 2 business days, please call our studio to confirm the receipt of your email.

*Upon request, your order may be shipped to you for an additional $4 shipping charge per order. NOTE: The postal service does not guarantee successful delivery unless an insured mailer is purchased. If you choose an insured postal delivery option, this can be purchased at the cost of $10.  For portraits larger than an 8x10, the insured postage will be increased.

C.  Turn around time:  Since we give special attention and care to every image you order and we allow you to order as many different poses as you wish without extra costs, there may be an extended wait for your order.  Our attempts are to deliver your beautiful prints to you within two to six weeks of you placing your order.  All orders are processed in the order in which they are received.  If you would like your order completed sooner and in front of our other customers, a 25% rush charge will be added to your total.  We will then contact you in approximately 2-6 weeks to arrange delivery/pick-up of your beautiful portraits. 

D.  Leer Logo:  All portrait prints taken by Leer Photography and that are edited into their final product by our staff will be marked with the Leer name.  In most cases, the logo will be located in the bottom right corner of all professionally edited/printed images.  Samples of location and size can be viewed at our studio.  If you purchase the high resolution digital file through our studio, those images will NOT have the LEER name on them as you have the copyright release to those images.

E.  Copyright Laws:  All images created by Leer Photography are subject to current copyright laws.  No portraits may be duplicated without written permission from our studio.  You purchased a COPY of the images that we own.  If you purchased a high resolution digital file, you will receive a written copyright release from our studio.  Please remember that all images on our website are copy written and watermarked.  If you are found to have screenshot or duplicated these images in any way, your images will be removed from the site.

Thank you for your interest in Leer Photography.

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