Seasonal Photography

Every holiday is a special holiday at Leer Photography! Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents' Day, Memorial Day, Back to School and so on. There isn't a better gift than the gift of pictures. Capture those special moments with us!

Leer Photography offers various specials throughout the year. Check out our annual Calendar of Events for details for this year's deals. The specials are a perfect way to get great pictures at great prices. The sitting fees range from free to non-profit organization donations, and the pricing for enlargements is set at a discounted rate. Each event may vary.

Call to schedule early because space is limited!

March 4, 2023: Leer Easter Special

March 5, 2023:  Pictures with the Easter Bunny at Leer Photography

July 27, 2023:  Back 2 School Special

October 14, 2023:  Fall Special

November 4, 2023: Leer Christmas Special

November 5, 2023:  Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus at Leer Photography

**Click here for a copy of our special event price list - must order within 3 days to receive the discounted package pricing

**Click here for a copy of the order form for the Easter Bunny and Santa portraits - must order the day portraits are taken

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